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Jessie Rogers in Pure 18: Big Booty Cutie

Jessie Rogers in Pure 18: Big Booty Cutie
Jessie Rogers is an amazingly sexy little Latina beauty that is hot and horny with a huge sex drive. One day after skipping school, Jessie was getting herself off in the bathtub. Little did she know her father had sent on of his workers to the house to retrieve some paperwork. While he was looking for his boss’s home office he came upon Jessie in the bathroom. He stood their silently watching her as she played with her tender young pussy and he got really horny. He couldn’t help himself and started to stroke his cock to her playing with her tight Pure 18 pussy. He got so turned on that the let out a loud moan. That’s when Jessie heard him. Feeling violated she demanded to know who he was and what he was doing watching her. He explained his presents in the house and hoped she would not tell her father. At first she was upset at his peeking. But soon her anger turned to arousal as she thought about him getting off by watching her masturbate. That’s when she decided since they were both horny it would be better for both of them if they helped each other by fucking. That’s when she put his cock in her mouth and started sucking. He fucked her standing up, on the floor and with her riding his cock. Once she had her orgasm it was his turn. She got on her knees and he blew his hot load of spunk in her mouth all over her cute face.

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